Our Vision

At Daayra Unlimited, we believe in the power of art and the incredible talent of India's rural artisans. Our mission is simple: to act as a bridge, connecting the craftsmanship of these talented individuals to metropolitan homes across the country.

These artisans, though working at a small and ordinary level, deserve our utmost respect and recognition in Indian society. They are the custodians of India's rich art heritage, and it is our responsibility to conserve and promote their incredible skills.

By supporting Daayra Unlimited, you are not just purchasing beautiful decorative pebbles, stones, and glass marbles. You are contributing to the livelihoods of millions of artisans in rural India, for whom art and craft is their sole source of income.

Our commitment goes beyond just selling products. We are dedicated to assisting craftspeople in liquidating their stock on hand, enabling them to meet their immediate needs without further investment. This support is crucial in preserving the future of art in Indian villages.

Daayra Unlimited proudly supports the Indian government's initiative, "Vocal for Local." This program aims to encourage local industries and promote the use of indigenous products. By embracing Vocal for Local, we are not only supporting our artisans but also contributing to the growth and development of our nation.

Join us in preserving the future of art in Indian villages. Together, let's celebrate the incredible talent of our rural artisans and bring their masterpieces into our homes. Shop at Daayra Unlimited and be a part of the Vocal for Local movement!