Collection: Glass Marbles

Browse through the widest range of glass marbles which is not available anywhere else.
we have 40+ different  types of marbles available in Two Sizes (Half Inch and One Inch)

The clear glass marbles are translucent and their brightness increases when light passes through them. We have more than ten different shades of Multicolor clear glass Marbles, These are- Multicolor Cat eye, Blue, Dazzling Dew, Imperial Blue, Brown Rust, Imperial Purple, Bottle Green, Crystal, Dark Jungle Green, Metallic Bronze. These glass marbles are made of recycled glass. These Marbles can be used for playing, Decorating Glass Tables, Aquariums, School Projects, As Garden Décor, Vase fillers, Sling Shot. Overall they are a Very Beautiful possession.

These can be used both for decoration as well as playing.

This product is indigenously manufactured using high grade recycled glass.

Recycled glass marbles

These beautiful glass marbles are made from 100% recycled glass. Glass is manufactured from easily found natural resources such as sand, soda ash, limestone, and glass scrap.