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Daayra Unlimited

Pearl Marmoreal Glass Marbles

Pearl Marmoreal Glass Marbles

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Daayra Unlimited Solid Color Marbles

These solid colored or opal glass marbles look like marble stones. We have six different shades of solid color marbles like- White marmoreal, Pine green, Marine blue, Turquoise blue, Wavy green and Ocean green. These glass marbles are made of recycled glass. These Marbles can be used for playing, Decorating your Glass Tables, Aquariums, School Projects, As Garden Décor, Vase fillers, Sling Shot. Overall they are a Very Beautiful possession.

Recycled glass marbles

These beautiful glass marbles are made from 100% recycled glass. Glass is manufactured from easily found natural resources such as sand, soda ash, limestone, and glass scrap.

How its made?

After removing impurities, glass is divided by color and washed. Then it's smashed, heated up, and shaped into new items like bottles, jars and Marbles. A very adaptable material with practically infinite uses, it makes perfect sense to recycle as much glass as possible.

Amazingly safe for the planet.

Glass has no degradation during the recycling process, so it can be recycled multiple times.

This is one of the most effective techniques of reusing commercial waste, with complete recovery of the initial substance in a highly pristine and clean form, as well as amazing benefits for the planet.

Playing with Marbles

Glass Marbles is the most popular game played in both rural and urban areas of India. This game has the ability to attract people of all ages. This game is played in all regions of India with many methods, the most popular method is - make a round circle on the ground and decorate the marbles in it. Then every player takes his turn to aim at the marbles, the winning player gets all the marbles that come on the target. In this way, the player who collects the most marbles wins the game. This game not only helps in the development of sportsmanship in the players but also develops mathematical and numerical problems with concentration in them.

Filling Vases & Decorating gardens

Take your creativity to a next level by using recycled glass marbles for filling vases or use in your gardens as shown in the pictures. To fill any empty corner in the house, it would be enough to fill a big glass pot with glass marbles.

Create Something New Yourself

There are many ideas of art and craft with different types of glass marbles for creative people.

Like- Make a beautiful Marble Candle holder from clear glass marbles as shown in the picture. Ideas to elevate your marble painting to the next level: Try creating a landscape scene with one marble at a time. Draw the outline of a flower and then color in the petals with the marbles. Try making some jewelry items like a Bracelet from glass marbles.

Decorating Homes

The table kept in the living room of the house can also be decorated very beautifully with glass marbles, as shown in the picture. Nowadays, some space is kept in the table with a glass top, which can usually be filled with glass marbles, so that the space does not look empty and the beauty of the table is enhanced in the drawing room.

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