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Brown Decorative Pebbles

Brown Decorative Pebbles

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  • Glazed stones
  • Assorted 9 Colors (Red, Orange, Pink, Green, Sky-blue, Yellow, White, Purple, Neon)
  • Used in Aquarium and Garden.


Various Uses: This Shiny River Gravels are used for Outdoor Garden Patios, Pavements, Waterfalls and Related Decorations, Water Fountains, Courtyard Gardens, Used in Aquariums and Artistic Monuments, Garden Walks / Pathways, Perfect for Flooring, Shower Floors & Walls and Pools, Festival Diwali Decoration, Flower Plant Vases, Terrariums, and more.

Garden Pebbles available in different colors

Pebbles and stone are a fantastic way to give your garden or outdoor space visual and textural interest. Your garden or outdoor space can look fashionable and lavish by including pebbles into your landscape design.

Used in Aquarium

Use Pebbles are one of the most crucial aquarium components since they absorb all the waste, keeping the water clean and fresh for a very long period without color fade. You can use it for long period of time in water.

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