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Daayra Unlimited

Fancy Bamboo Stick

Fancy Bamboo Stick

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Walking Stick

Daayra Unlimited walking stick is ideal for anyone looking for a handcrafted quality walking aid. It helps with walking balance rather well. Its superb aesthetic attractiveness underlines the classic design while also adding to its individuality.

Room Décor

It is completely handmade product and beautiful brass work which gives authentic as well as antique look. One can gift to antique product lovers.

Use as an asset

Those who loves to store unique products those search ends over here. It is one of the best product for these persons.

Wall Décor

One can use it as wall hanging which gives your living room or drawing room an aesthetic look.


This beautiful stick may vary in size as it is handmade product. Its length lies between 95cm to 110cm and diameter is about 2.5 to 3.5 cm



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