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Daayra Unlimited

Terracotta Nazarbattu Standard (RED and Black) (L : 15cm , B : 18cm , Thickness : 6 cm)

Terracotta Nazarbattu Standard (RED and Black) (L : 15cm , B : 18cm , Thickness : 6 cm)

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Daayra Unlimited Nazarbattu

Daayra Unlimited presents Nazarbattu which is made up of clay as our only motto is to encourage Indian artists as they lost their art in this modern world. In today's world, a few people want to purchase these terracotta products because they are hand made and finishing is somehow less if we compare these products with machine made products.

Significance of Nazarbattu

It is also known as Mahakal face or Evil eye protector. It is also believe that it is the avataar of mahakal who protect your house from bad vibes. Nazar battu surrounds us with pleasant energy. There are no evil eyes that can harm you in any way. Nazar battu guards you and your family against evil powers. Nazar battu promotes harmony and calm in your home.

Where to use?

Finely polished and sturdy, thick clay with wall plug/nail hooks

Wall Hanging Nazar Battu Evil Eye Protector - Mahakal Face Clay Mask House Entrance, Office, Shops, Truck, and Home Nazar Suraksha Kawach. Because of this Dhristi Kawach, negative energy will not come to you.


Unlike metal or plastic nazar battu, this one is built to last and will not rust or fall apart during a storm.It has Wall hanging feature so you can hang it easily anywhere.

Prohibit negative energy.

While protecting you from disaster, the Evil Eye or Nazar Battu provides you good luck and wealth and keeps negativity at away.

Amazing Information

"Terracotta Pottery" is a rare and special collection of totally handmade by villagers of India. The product is made up of natural Clay and the end product is tampered. Paint was used to make the product vivid and provide an excellent look. Outdoor safe and can be cleaned with damp cloth.

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