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Daayra Unlimited

Terracotta Tea Cups Round Shape (Set of 6)

Terracotta Tea Cups Round Shape (Set of 6)

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These Terracotta Tea Cups are not just made with clay but with the tradition and culture of India. Indulge in the warmth of hot drinks like tea and coffee while feeling connected with your roots. Eco-friendly and with numerous health benefits, these cups boost the confidence of the artists who handmake them. Experience the natural touch of mitti with these ideal daily use cups.

The Terracotta Tea Cups by Daayra Unlimited offer a unique and stylish design for a comfortable grip while enjoying your beverage. Our company is dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable products, supporting Indian artists previously known as "Kumhar." Enjoy your tea or coffee in these reusable cups.

Add a touch of culture and art to your home with our Terracotta Tribal Faces Wall Hanging available in three sizes in different designs. Handcrafted and hand painted, this clay masterpiece showcases beautifully engraved tribal faces. Perfect for gifting or decorating your home, room, or outdoor space. Bring a unique and traditional feel to any setting.

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