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white stone mortal and pestle(Round)

white stone mortal and pestle(Round)

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Marble Mortar and Pestle

Marble Mortar and Pestle is also used for crushing and grinding herbs, Ginger, garlic etc.

Daayra Unlimited presents different types of Mortar and Pestle Set

Mortars and pestles have been used in cooking since ancient time; today, they are most frequently linked with the practise of pharmacy due to their historical use in medicine preparation. They are used in chemistry to crushing small amounts of chemicals; in the arts and cosmetics to crushing pigments, binders, and other materials; in ceramics to make grog; and in masonry and other types of construction that require crushing materials. They are commonly used in the kitchen to crush spices, to make pesto, and to make likely cocktails such as the mojito, which requires the patient crushing of sugar, ice, and mint leaves in the pitcher with a pestle.

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